Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to Manila after many years

After many years i was able to visit Manila again. I know i made it sound to be such a big deal...but what can i do..i feel nostalgic just being in Manila...4 years in college made me feel that Manila has been my second home...whenever i see students from familiar schools i can't help but reminisce what it was like being in college...what i was when i was their age...

i was with Ney yesterday strolling at SM Manila. Until now i dont how we were able to make it through college. our relationship survived those 4 years (
5 years for him) of going to different schools, having different sets of friends and coping with different schedules...But yes...we still made it...although we had to "lay-low" for a while but yes we still made it..

Anyways, a lot has change in Manila...landscapes and buildings had improved.
SM Manila has never been the same...

This was taken where it used to be a computer rental shop... now its a wifi zone with lots of benches where people, specifically students can just sit and kill time...how i wish this was already build during the time when i was waiting for ney to finish his frozen throne marathon with his friends *wink*

Taken @ Red Ribbon...we used to dine here during college days when our pockets are still full of allowances...but during "el nino days" we settle for Mcdo @ the ground floor.

This is something new...the then "billiard hall" was renovated and turned into Cyberzone...what caught our attention is the live "basagang utak"

I dont know if its Manila that i missed... or is it the time when i was there--back in college when i have learned, laughed, cried and loved!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A New Inspiration

Yup..im back writing..its been a while since i last updated my blog...honestly, there's so much i want to write about...so many things had happened the previous months. but somehow, for some reasons...i cant put it in writing...or should i say typing?!? :) Until yesterday...i have had this blog so many years now...i updated it...stopped updating...then updated it again so many times..i had never published this URL...until last april when i put the url in my friendster account...i dont know if anyone follows or even reads my page...not even Ney...he just found out about this blog yesterday by accident...started reading my entries..and texted me that he liked it...and wants me to write more... And so...i vow to always always write (or type)..what's on my mind..what's happening...and what i feel!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Initial Wedding Plans

I am so excited, from the time we got back from Bora, we had started preparing the list for our wedding. Our dream wedding is in Tagaytay. We’ll have the ceremony in Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. From the first time we attended a mass there, i knew that this the place where i want to be wed.
Reception will follow at Tagaytay Skyview. Its just 2 minutes away from the church. The place is over looking Taal Lake.

Hopefully we can make this dream wedding come true. We have to work hard to prove to our families that we can live our dreams with our own perseverance and hard work…so help us God!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Last Day in Bora, the start of a new journey

Last day was a laid back day. After eating our breakfast, we took a dip for the last time.

It is sad going back to work after a long vacation, but thinking that I am facing a new chapter in my life excites me. When I go back to Manila, my life will never be the same.
Soon we will be preparing for our wedding. From then on, we will be sharing our lives together…forever…

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Boracay Day 3

Good morning Boracay!!! I had the greatest sleep ever. When I woke up I had to make sure that what happened the night before was not a dream…And indeed, everything was real after all. The room was still filled with petals. I still have the bouquets and the cake. And most importantly, the ring is still there waiting to be worn again.

We had to hurry taking our breakfast since we have scheduled activities early today. AT 8AM, we went to Station 3 to experience Marine Helmet Walk. It’s like snorkeling in a higher level. They made us wore a diving suit. At the platform a 25-kilo “helmet” will be put on head to help you breath under water. When you’re completely submerged in the water, the helmet will only weigh 1-kilo. Then the fun part began.

After Marine Helmet walk, we took a trike going to the ATV rental. We have to drive this going to Mount Luho, the highest part in Bora. The experience was amazing and the view was just breath taking. You can seen the whole Boracay island.

On the way back to the ATV rental, we stopped by the Butterfly Farm. A butterfly farm with bats! Hahahahah!

At other best way to end the day but by watching the sunset, with a bucket of ice cold San Mig Light and a heart-to-heart talk with my soon to be hubby. We looked back of the things that happened 10 years before…and made a promise to be with each other for the rest of our lives…

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Proposal

It was a tiring day; we were out since 9am today for a whole day island tour. At around 6PM we were in the beachfront of Two Seasons basically just killing time...or so I thought. This day was just an ordinary day. Just like our previous vacations, we always go out and tire ourselves with an all day’s activity.

Ney insisted me to have the key card for me to open the room. I had no idea of what’s waiting for me. As I open the door, the hallway was dark. I was about to put the keycard in its place but another keycard was already there. I got confused. And I just got more confused when I noticed that the floor was full of rose petals.

At the end of the hallway, the light in the middle was turned on illuminating the room full of rose petals. My heart was pounding…my mind was full of thoughts, but a proposal never came into my mind. This vacation was supposed to celebrate our 10th anniversary and I thought that maybe this is his way of making it super special. As I reach the end of the hallway, I saw the bed full of petals. As I recall, I know that I saw a bouquet of flowers and a box of cake… but what caught my attention was that little red box in between the bouquet and the cake.

Though it was so small, the light from the top of the bed illuminated that little red box and it’s glowing so beautifully which made me realize that this is the day… I burst into tears… it just keeps flowing and my whole body was trembling…He grabbed the box, walked in front of me and just pops the question. The question I just dreamt of hearing. The question I have been waiting all my life… “Will you marry me?” All I could remember was him holding my hands and putting the ring into my finger. I hugged him to tight that I could feel him trembling in tears…

This night was so magical. This was the dream proposal I always imagine before go to sleep. The imagination he had made into reality. It always amazes me how he could know exactly what I wanted without me even telling me…without me even asking for it…I really has not sink in yet…I am still floating in the clouds. I only imagine this before. And now, I have this bling bling in my finger that makes me realize that wedding bells will soon be ringing for me…