Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to Manila after many years

After many years i was able to visit Manila again. I know i made it sound to be such a big deal...but what can i do..i feel nostalgic just being in Manila...4 years in college made me feel that Manila has been my second home...whenever i see students from familiar schools i can't help but reminisce what it was like being in college...what i was when i was their age...

i was with Ney yesterday strolling at SM Manila. Until now i dont how we were able to make it through college. our relationship survived those 4 years (
5 years for him) of going to different schools, having different sets of friends and coping with different schedules...But yes...we still made it...although we had to "lay-low" for a while but yes we still made it..

Anyways, a lot has change in Manila...landscapes and buildings had improved.
SM Manila has never been the same...

This was taken where it used to be a computer rental shop... now its a wifi zone with lots of benches where people, specifically students can just sit and kill time...how i wish this was already build during the time when i was waiting for ney to finish his frozen throne marathon with his friends *wink*

Taken @ Red Ribbon...we used to dine here during college days when our pockets are still full of allowances...but during "el nino days" we settle for Mcdo @ the ground floor.

This is something new...the then "billiard hall" was renovated and turned into Cyberzone...what caught our attention is the live "basagang utak"

I dont know if its Manila that i missed... or is it the time when i was there--back in college when i have learned, laughed, cried and loved!

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